"I want you to feel confident in your body, before, during and after pregnancy. Whether you had your baby 2 months ago, or 10 years ago, its never too late to start"

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Healthy Life Coaching

For the ladies who need a 1:1 personalized plan to live your healthiest life. I give you real life strategies that meet you where you are currently at. I give you a plan specific for you that implements ancestral nutritional wisdom with modern workouts to deliver results, and give you the confidence to be healthy for the rest of your life.

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Inside the app we are breaking the “gym life” stigma and actually getting you healthy, from the inside out. Through proper nutrition, functional exercise, and daily habits for mental health, I give you all the tools to get you Whole Body Healthy in my app!

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I'm on a mission to get the world Whole Body Healthy one step at a time. As a mother of two, I am VERY passionate about the health of my children and I firmly believe it starts with mother's health. I will educate as many mothers as I can on REAL nutrition and daily movement, so we can have thriving families and carry our health on for generations to come ✨

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It's a Lifestyle

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  • Brianna G

    The Gym Full Body 2.0 Program has transformed my body! It made sure to trigger every part of the body & helped me to really focus on my goal. I was always hesitant to try programs and such but Caitlin made it so easy to decide. This program helped me love my body again!

  • Tabitha H

    Love doing this 1.0 booty program. I like the structure and videos to make sure I'm doing the workouts right. I have a subscription so I will be starting the 2.0 next week!

  • Gina L

    " I am LOVING your Gym Full Body program! The exercises are challenging but fun and I know I’m pushing my body in a good way. I’m in week 4 and already feel stronger. I’ve tried several workout programs and this one is hands down the best. And I love that I can do it from home or at the gym."

  • Megan K

    "Your 2022 new years challenge CHANGED MY LIFE! I can't wait to see what new challenges you have!"

  • Heiden R

    "I feel so much better, your workouts are amazing in the Full Body Gym 1.0!"

  • Jenna L

    "I really like that your Peach Program Gym workouts are manageable and don't stress me out. They fit into my schedule whether I have 45 minutes or 2 hours to workout."

  • Jackie C

    You FINALLY got me on a consistent workout routine!

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